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What are the Steps for Dental License Complaint Enforcement?

All licensed professionals in the state of California are subject to board enforcement for complaints, and dentists are no exception. The Dental Board of California has a specific Enforcement Program that is tasked with investigating both criminal and administrative violations. Unfortunately, the process for enforcing complaints can be confusing

Types of Violations the Department of Insurance Investigates

People employed in the insurance industry can be subject to a variety of violations investigations that can lead to license suspension, fines, and other penalties. Below you’ll learn more about common violations the Department of Insurance investigates so you can ensure that you are operating your business legally. We’ll also tell you how to

6 Common Violations for Real Estate Brokers in California

Violations of real estate law are unfortunately very common in California, often because brokers don’t know that they’re committing a crime. Below you’ll learn about six common enforcement violations that result in disciplinary action for real estate b

What Happens to My Teaching License When I Get a DUI?

If you are employed as a teacher in the State of California and were recently convicted of a DUI, you’re probably very worried about how it will impact your career. Since the profession takes DUIs very seriously, you are right to be concerned. That said, whether or not a DUI will be detrimental to your career depends on the details of your parti

How Does a Conviction Affect My Professional License?

Whether you are a nurse, a child care provider, a teacher, or another licensed professional, be

What Nurses Should Know about Complaints and Investigation

If you are a nurse who has recently found yourself at the center of a California Board of Registered Nursing complaint, you may be worried about what you need to do to protect your license. Below, you’ll learn about the best ways to handle the complaint and

What Should I Report to the Medical Board of California?

Physicians licensed in the state of California are under a lot of legal pressure to notify the medical board about certain circumstances involving their patients and their practices. Although the board’s reporting requirements are relatively straightforward, an occasional refresher on what you need to report can ensure that you don’t make a small m

How to Become a Licensed Child Care Provider in California

If you’re ready to start a career as a licensed child care provider in California, it’s essential that you start by understanding the requirements for licensure, which are rigorous and controlled by the Department of Social Services. Below you’ll learn

Protecting Your Nursing License During a Complaint

On May 6, we celebrated National Nurses Day in honor of the hard work and dedication of nurses nationwide. If you are a nurse, you know how essential your service is to your patients, but unfortunately even the best nurses struggle with complaints. As you can imagine, receiving a compla

Have a Smoother Board of Behavioral Sciences Licensing Process

If you’re preparing to apply for a license in behavioral sciences or renew your existing license, knowing how to make the process go as smoothly as possible can save you substantial time and stress. Even more importantly, by taking the proper steps you’ll ensure that your license remains valid. Types of licenses In California, there are

Home Improvement Contractors’ Cancellation Laws

If you are a contractor offering home improvement services, understanding laws surrounding consumers’ rights to cancel services is essential. Below is an overview of what you need to know to make sure you handle cancellations according to legal requirement

Understanding the Role of Licensing Boards

Whether you are already a member of a licensed profession or are preparing to apply for a license, knowing how licensing boards work and how they can impact your license is a must. Below you’ll learn about what boards do and how they can affect your licensure. In the U.S., licensing is a state-based system, which means that state licensing bo

Know the Mandatory Reporting Requirements When Applying for a Professional License

Whether you’re applying for a physician’s license, a nursing license, a real estate license, or an insurance license, it’s essential that you know and adhere to the licensing board’s mandatory reporting requirements for any crimes you’ve committed. If you fail to do so, even unknowingly, your license may be denied. Learn about mandatory reporting

Top Ways to Lose Your License

If you work in the healthcare field, having a full understanding of the specific actions that can cause you to lose your license is essential. Below you’ll learn more about what to avoid in order to keep your license in good standing. Criminal Conviction A

New Licensing Laws in California

The California Chamber of Commerce has issued several new employment laws that became effective on January 1, 2018, several of which will affect business licenses in specific industries. Construction Contractors AB 1701 imposes liability on

Defending your Professional License

Your career, business and professional license are the cornerstone of your future, and that of your family. We all understand the importance of the government’s role in ensuring that each licensee is equipped with the knowledge, background, and experience to be licensed by the State of California.

Contractor’s State License Board Enforcement Stings

From March 8-10, 2011, the Contractor’s State License Board conducted one of your twice yearly undercover sting operations in order to catch unlicensed contractors. 736

California Board of Registered Nursing Accusations

Starting in July 2010, the California Board of Registered Nursing started filing Accusations (charges of violations of the law) against licensed nurses in the State of California in response to a report issued, comparing enforcement information of the Board with the National Council of State Boards of Nursing’s license verification database.

What do I do if an Accustion is Filed Against my License?

If you receive an Accusation from your licensing Board or Agency, you have been charged with violating the rules and regulations governing your license. You may have a conviction which the licensing agency believes is substantially related to the practice of your profession;


Here is a Basic Guide to Defending an Accusation that I have created for AVVO.COM. For More information, contact Scott J. Harris, Esq., at 323-370-6139.

As Nurses do more, More Regulations Are Likely to Come

As reported by the LA Times today, (see article link below), the role of nurses is going to expand in the coming years. As nurse practitioners begin to take on the role of primary care providers, at some point, new regulations are bound to arise.

Los Angeles Massage Parlor Regulation and Defense

Last week, the LA Times had an op-ed piece about the City of Los Angeles and its enforcement, or lack there of, regarding laws regulating massage parlors. 731

CA Medical Board Revokes License of Fertility Doctor

As reported by the LA Times, in its Article entitled, “California medical board revokes license of ‘Octomom’ doctor”, the Medical Board of California has taken action as the result of charges related to gross negligence in the practice of medicine by a fertility Doctor.

Board of Barbering and Cosmetology – Outlaws Fish Pedis

The California Board of Barbering and Cosmetology has outlawed fish pedicures. Don’t know what this is? A so-called fish predicure is when you place your feet into a tub full of carp that eat away at the dead skin of your feet. Sound clean?

Is the California Medical Board a Failed Regulator?

According to the LA Times, the California Medical Board may be a “failed regulator”. You can view the LA Times article on this topic by visiting this link What does this mean for California doctors? It could mean that they are truly less regulated.

Bureau of Automotive Repair gets an ISO in Los Angeles

The California Department of Consumers Affairs and the Bureau of Automotive Repair have indicated that they have obtained an Interim Suspension Order (“ISO”) against a Los Angeles Smog Check Emissions Technician and Automotive Repair Dealer for clean-piping.

California Athletic Commission Re-Interprets Rule 399

UFC fighter Chael Sonnen can reapply for a license any time after his license expires. The California Athletic Commission has reviewed its decision, and because they have suspended Sonnen’s license, and not revoked it, he is free to seek relicensure as soon as his license expires.

Controversy at the Comission on Teacher Credentialing

Top leaders of the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing are stepping down after criticism over how the agency has been run, and how they have conducted investigations and discipline teachers. How will this change affect teachers?  

Medical Licenses (Nurse, Doctor, Therapist, Dental, Etc.) and the Uniform Standard of Substance Abuse

The laws and rules that govern how state professional licensing agencies like the Board of Registered Nursing, Medical Board of California, Dental Board of California, and others, govern licensees with substance abuse problems changed significantly starting in January 2010.

Contractors’ State License Board – Now Issuing LLC Licenses

Starting in 2012, the Contractors’ State License Board (CSLB) is now issuing licenses to Limited Liability Companies, in addition to corporations and individuals. 629

Defend your Professional License Against an Accusation – File your Notice of Defense

If your licensing agency serves you with an Accusation, you must submit a Notice of Defense in order to secure your rights to defend yourself. Usually you will have only 15 days from the date on which the Accusation was sent to you to file the Notice of Defense.

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