Administrative Hearings And Investigations


Administrative Hearings

Any time a licensing agency files a formal action with regard to your application for a professional license, or against a license you already have, you are entitled to an administrative hearing, to be held before an Administrative Law Judge. Attorney Scott J. Harris has participated in dozens of administrative hearings, and understands the unique evidentiary issues, strategic nuances and important legal issues to address at a hearing.

Administrative hearings are also employed throughout many other contexts involving such things as employment, credentialing, permitting, disability rights, insurances, etc.


Licensing boards have the authority to investigate your license. An investigation may result in the filing of an accusation, or the issuance of a citation and fine. An accusation or citation issued becomes part of the licensing record and is public information that may be disclosed as part of the online information that licensing agencies post on their websites.

It is important to take proactive steps in protecting your license. An appropriately addressed response to an investigative inquiry may avoid the issuance of an Accusation or Citation. You should not attempt to represent yourself during an investigation, as an experienced and knowledgeable attorney like Scott J. Harris can help guide you through the process. This may include ensuring that you do not inadvertently incriminate yourself or take a position that later becomes part of the investigative record, and which affects the availability of defenses during the course of any formal action taken by the licensing agency.

For additional information about administrative hearings and investigations, or to discuss your individual matter, please contact S J Harris Law and attorney Scott J. Harris.