Defend Against Accusations Seeking The Revocation And Discipline Of Your License


An ACCUSATION is an action filed against a professional license for alleged violations of the law. These violations may be the result of a criminal conviction, or may arise out of separate conduct by the licensee.

In order to successfully defend an Accusation, we work directly with the licensing agency, the Office of the Attorney General, and you, the client, to ensure all necessary paperwork is filed, including a Notice of Defense, to evaluate the evidence against your license, and to determine the best manner to proceed with your individual case. This may include addressing questions raised by the licensing agency, the negotiation of a stipulated settlement, or the vigorous defense of your license through an administrative hearing at the Office of Administrative Hearings.

As there are strict time limits within which you may secure your right to defend against an Accusation, you should contact an attorney immediately upon receiving notice of an Accusation.

Contact S J Harris Law and attorney Scott J. Harris to discuss your matter in more detail. Competent, compassionate and dedicated legal representation may be more cost-effective than you may think.