Substance Abuse And Occupational License Defense California


We understand the emotional and physical issues facing those who have confronted substance abuse. No matter what your occupation or profession, the reality is that substance abuse can play a significant part in your ability to become licensed as a professional in the state of California or to continue your professional endeavors.

As a former Deputy Attorney General who prosecuted many matters involving professionals facing drug and alcohol abuse issues, attorney Scott J. Harris applies his knowledge and understanding of licensing agencies to assist professionals with substance abuse in their histories. We work to offer real-world solutions, find you the necessary assistance and strategize to implement a plan that best protects you, your family and your professional ambitions.

The following are types of licenses that may be affected:

If you are under investigation for issues, including drug and alcohol abuse, it is important for you to confront the process as early as possible and develop a plan to protect your professional license.Contact S J Harris Law and attorney Scott J. Harris as soon as you learn of, or suspect, an investigation in order to begin the process of learning from your mistakes, starting on the road to recovery and moving ahead into the future.