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As a teacher, you are tasked with helping the state’s young learn and grow. Many teachers feel as if they were called to the profession. When allegations of improper conduct, DUI charges or substance abuse issues arise, your teaching license, your career and your very identity may be at stake.

License defense lawyer Scott J. Harris helps teachers throughout California protect their teaching licenses, their reputations, and their livelihoods during disciplinary investigations and proceedings from our Los Angeles area office.

California Commission On Teacher Credentialing Investigation

The California Commission on Teacher Credentialing can start an investigation on a credential holder for several reasons, they include:

  • Receiving a notice from any law enforcement or state agency regarding the credential holder
  • Receiving a signed affidavit regarding alleged misconduct from a credential holder
  • Receiving notification from an employer that the credential holder was dismissed or suspended from his or her employment for at least ten days
  • Receiving notification from an employer that the credential holder has been accused of sexual misconduct
  • Failing to disclose a criminal conviction
  • Failing to disclose license sanctions against any other state-issued license

Whenever the Commission is given notice that a credential holder has professional fitness issues, then an investigation can result. The Commission has several options when it comes to license sanctions for credential holders, including the following actions:

  • Private admonition – this is a written warning that is kept confidential from the public. Once three years have passed, the Commission and employers must expunge all records of the admonition if the offense did not reoccur.
  • Public reproval – this is a written public warning
  • Suspension – this is a temporary loss of a credential
  • Revocation – this is the termination of a credential
  • Denial of an application

California Commission On Teacher Credentialing License Denial

The California Commission on Teacher Credentialing can deny or revoke a credential for several reasons. The commission cannot issue a credential nor allow an individual to maintain a credential for the following reasons:

  • Being convicted of any sex offense defined under Education Code Section 44010
  • Being convicted of any narcotics offense defined under Education Code Section 44011
  • Being convicted of any crime listed under Education Code Section 44424
  • Being determined insane by a state or federal court
  • Being determined as a mentally disordered sex offender

If your situation meets any of the criteria listed above, then the Commission will deny your credential licensing application. If your credential is revoked, then you are eligible to apply for reinstatement after one year has passed since the date of the credential revocation. Every applicant for a credential must be fingerprinted, and those fingerprints will be used to run a criminal history check. If an applicant has other criminal convictions outside of the ones listed above, then the Commission will take several factors into account when determining whether to issue a credential. Such factors include the age and type of the misconduct, along with any evidence of rehabilitation and letters of support. 

Teacher License Defense Attorney Serving California

The California Commission on Teacher Credentialing oversees teachers in the state of California. Contrary to what many teachers believe, the Commission does not exist to provide support to teachers. Instead, the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing monitors teachers, investigates accusations of misconduct and disciplines teachers.

If an allegation of misconduct is made against a teacher, the commission may either privately or publicly admonish the teacher, suspend or revoke the teacher’s license. Common allegations of misconduct include:

If you’ve been accused of wrongdoing, your reputation as a professional may be irreparably damaged. At S J Harris Law, we do everything in our power to defend our clients against license revocation or suspension and save their reputation during license discipline proceedings.

It is imperative to hire an attorney who is on your side. At S J Harris Law, we fight to protect our clients’ teaching licenses, their reputations and their careers.

Contact A Former Prosecutor To Represent You

Attorney Scott J. Harris is an experienced license defense litigator and former deputy attorney general and licensing board prosecutor. His experience prosecuting licensure discipline cases serves his clients well.

Because he has a unique understanding of how licensing agencies work, and the steps prosecutors take to build their cases, he is able to build strong license defense strategies that protect his clients’ licenses and their ability to earn a living.

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