California Board of Accountancy Defense

Accountant License Defense Attorney

Accountants are highly regulated professionals, and a license from the California Board of Accountancy is necessary for all individual wishing to practice Accountancy in the State of California.

Significant amounts of education, training, and skill are invested in becoming licensed as an Accountant, and the threat of an investigation, a disciplinary action by way of an Accusation filed by the Board of Accountancy, or the denial of a license after spending the time and energy in school and training by the Board, is a significant threat to an Accountant’s career and well-bring.

Scott J. Harris, Esq. is an experienced attorney with the knowledge and background necessary to defend against the California Board of Accountancy.   In his prior capacity as a Deputy Attorney General he was the Liaison Attorney between the California Department of Justice and the Board of Accountancy, and he advised and prosecuted on significant numbers of matters.

S J Harris Law can assist you and your firm on issues involving:

  • Substantially Related Convictions
  • Investigations
  • Tax and IRS Issues
  • Audit Review and Deficiencies
  • Accusations involving Competency and Conduct
  • Discipline as a result of action by FINRA, the SEC or the PCAOB
  • Peer Review Reporting
  • Denials of Licensure
  • Citation Defense
  • Administrative Hearings
  • Probation Review and Termination
  • Petitions for Reinstatement of Revoked Accountancy License

The Help You Need

In license defense cases, we can provide legal defense at administrative hearings, answer written inquiries on your behalf, seek reduced penalties or file an appeal with the Superior Court of California by writ of mandamus.

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