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Dentists and dental hygienists spend years in school and make substantial financial investments to develop their skills and obtain their licenses. When the Dental Board of California and the Dental Hygiene Committee of California investigate allegations of negligence, substance abuse or other acts of misconduct, many dentists and dental hygienists are at risk of losing the licenses they spent years working to obtain.

From our Los Angeles area office, S J Harris Law represents dentists and dental hygienists throughout California during licensure disputes with the Dental Board of California and the Dental Hygiene Committee of California. Together, we will help you protect your license, your livelihood and your future.

Dentist License Defense Attorney Serving California

S J Harris Law represents clients during every stage of the license defense process. We help clients protect their interests during investigations, Accusations and Statement of Issues processes, at administrative hearings and appeals, and during appeals in front of the superior court.

Common reasons for disciplinary action by the Dental Board of California include, but are not limited to:

An Experienced License Defense Attorney Protecting Your Dental License

When dental licenses are at risk, many feel as if their very identities are at stake. At S J Harris Law, we can help.

Scott J. Harris is a former Deputy Attorney General. In this position, he represented licensing boards during license revocations and disciplinary hearings. He understands how licensing agencies work and the steps they take while investigating professionals’ alleged acts of misconduct.

This experience makes it easier for Mr. Harris to be proactive when defending his clients’ licenses. Because he understands how the Board’s investigator is building the case, he knows how to develop effective defense strategies that protect his clients’ licenses.

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