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Defending The Licenses Of Automotive Repair Workers

A car is a highly technical piece of machinery that we expect to function properly when we need it and get us from Point A to Point B safely. That means extensive training is necessary to be able to properly repair it and make sure it is safe to drive.

The professional licensing needed to work on cars in almost any capacity is difficult to acquire and requires a significant investment in time and money for training. At S J Harris Law, our attorneys understand how important it is that you hold onto your license to be able to have the career you want.

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Defending You Before The Bureau Of Automotive Repair

Whether you are facing allegations of defrauding customers, keeping improper records, abusing alcohol or drugs, or any other type of violation, our firm can help. A former deputy attorney general in California, founding lawyer Scott Harris has prosecuted cases for licensing agencies throughout the state, including the state Bureau of Automotive Repair.

Scott Harris’ lawyers put that experience to work on behalf of license holders now, representing licensed workers in the automotive repair field, including:

  • Automotive repairmen
  • Auto-body repairmen
  • Smog check station employees
  • Brake and lamp specialists

If you have learned that you are the subject of an investigation by the Bureau of Automotive Repair, obtain legal representation quickly. Scott Harris and the rest of our team understand the complex issues you are dealing with and can build a strong defense that will seek to allow you to keep working and making a living.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What can cause a violation against my automotive repair license?

A violation can be criminal activity, poor record keeping, unprofessionalism, violation of your license’s guidelines, etc. If you have received a formal notice of a violation from the Bureau of Automotive Repair, contact a license defense attorney today.

What is the process of an accusation against my automotive repair license like?

Customer complaints, undercover investigations, civil judgments, and criminal convictions are the most common reasons for licensing boards to take disciplinary action.

The license defense procedure usually begins with an investigation by the licensing agency. 

The license defense procedure usually begins with an investigation by the licensing agency. The investigation may continue without the licensee’s knowledge or consent. A report is given to legal counsel if the agency decides to proceed with the rejection, suspension, or revocation of a license.

Should I hire automotive defense attorneys for my violation hearing?

At any time if your license is at risk of either suspension or revocation, it is crucial to get an attorney involved to protect your rights and aid in harm reduction towards your reputation as a professional.

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When dealing with these complex issues, you need legal representation that has a long track record of success in these types of cases. Scott Harris and the rest of our team at S J Harris Law will be ready to help you pursue any option available that allows you to keep your license and continue working, no matter what industry you are in.


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