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Medical Board of California Investigation

The Medical Board of California is responsible for licensing and monitoring licensed physicians within the state of California. If someone files a complaint with the Board against a California physician, then the Board may initiate an investigation if they believe that a violation of law may have taken place. If the violation is proven, then the physician would be subject to discipline from the Board.

All complaints are sent to the Department of Consumer Affairs (DCA). An investigator is assigned from the field office that is the closest to where the alleged violation(s) occurred. This investigator will determine what steps are needed to properly investigate the complaint. Allegations of negligence that cause a patient serious injury or death are given priority over other complaints.

The investigator assigned to investigate an alleged violation of law or other physician misconduct can take several investigative steps, which can include:

  • Seeking and obtaining medical records
  • Locating and interviewing anyone that can be considered a witness
  • Interviewing the physician
  • Drafting and serving subpoenas
  • Obtaining and executing search warrants
  • Using undercover investigative measures

All investigations are confidential from the public. If the investigation leads the Board to believe that a violation of law or other physician misconduct occurred, then the Board can refer the case to the California Attorney General’s office for any disciplinary action and proceedings.

Medical Board of California Accusations

The Medical Board of California receives thousands of complaints each year accusing California physicians of some type of misconduct. Once a physician is accused of misconduct, then the physician will be contacted by an investigator to interview the physician about the allegations.

If the Board finds that the investigation shows that the physician may have committed a violation of law or other physician misconduct, then the physician will receive a “Notice of Accusation” letter. California physicians who receive a Notice of Accusation are immediately put on the clock to respond and defend themselves.

A physician facing an accusation has 15 days from the date of the proof of service to file a “Notice of Defense.” The actual defenses may or may not need to be stated in this notice, but the notice must be filed to inform the Board and the Attorney General that the physician intends to defend themselves against the allegations. A failure to respond to a Notice of Accusation can result in the waiver of certain rights and defenses.

An experienced physician license defense attorney can pinpoint what defenses must be raised in a Notice of Defense, as well as help you determine what the appropriate plan of action should be in defending your case.

Defending Your License ∙ Your Reputation ∙ Your Future

Physicians are given a great deal of trust from the community. Most people do not have a great deal of medical knowledge or understanding, so we have to trust our doctors. With that trust comes a great deal of responsibility. The medical field has strict standards for doctors to meet in order to obtain and maintain their licenses, and a physician license is essential to the practice.

If an investigation or disciplinary action by the California Medical Board is putting your medical license in jeopardy, contact us. We have a wealth of experience providing medical license defense to health care professionals throughout Los Angeles County and the State of California.

Physician licenses defense attorney Scott J. Harris is a former Deputy Attorney General in the Licensing Litigation Section. In that role, he has prosecuted hundreds of cases involving licensing, license discipline and administrative appeals. With experience in prosecuting license issues from the other side, S J Harris Law brings unique, multifaceted insight into how these cases are handled.

Substance Abuse Issues ∙ Legal Help, Not Judgment

A significant percentage of our cases involve abuse of alcohol or other substances, often after an arrest for DUI (Driving Under the Influence). Either the substance abuse issues are the subject of the investigation or they are the peripheral cause of other problems that led to board action of some kind. At S J Harris Law, we will not judge you. We are here to listen to your situation and to help you retain your license and salvage your career however we can.

Our No. 1 goal is to help you protect your license.

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