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Criminal And License Crossover – Penal Code 23 Defense


Criminal charges and substance abuse issues can put your professional license in jeopardy. At S J Harris Law, we provide strong, effective representation during licensing agency disciplinary proceedings.

S J Harris Law helps professionals throughout California defend their licenses after being charged with criminal offenses or experiencing issues with substance abuse.

Substance Abuse, Criminal Convictions And License Defense

Many criminal charges stem from substance abuse. Driving under the influence, misappropriating medications for personal use and possession of illegal drugs are a few of the many common types of criminal offenses professionals face. In addition to the criminal implications, professionals are at risk of losing their licenses. At S J Harris Law, we help professionals defend their licenses after substance abuse and criminal charges trigger investigations and disciplinary actions.

Substance abuse issues create many problems for professionals. When substance abuse begins to interfere with your ability to perform your job functions, licensing agencies may take notice and initiate investigations and disciplinary actions that put your license at risk. We work with our clients to make sure they find the help that they need to seek meaningful rehabilitation and to protect their licenses.

California attorney Scott J. Harris represents clients during every stage of the license defense process, including the initial investigation, defense during the accusation, representation during administrative hearings and appeals all the way to the superior court.

Licensing Agency Involvement In A Criminal Proceeding

Under Penal Code 23, licensing agencies can appear in criminal court and recommend licensing suspensions, revocations or other disciplinary actions as a condition of bail or probation. At these Penal Code 23 hearings, it is important to consult with a lawyer who understands the implications disciplinary actions will have on your ability to earn a living and is familiar with licensing agency procedures.

A Former License Agency Prosecutor Working For You

Prior to opening his own practice, Scott J. Harris worked as a Deputy Attorney General and licensing board prosecutor. He knows how licensing agencies conduct disciplinary investigations and how administrative hearings operate. This experience gives clients unique insight during licensing issues and helps Mr. Harris build strong defenses that protect his clients’ livelihood.

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When dealing with these complex issues, you need legal representation that has a long track record of success in these types of cases. Scott Harris and the rest of our team at S J Harris Law will be ready to help you pursue any option available that allows you to keep your license and continue working, no matter what industry you are in.


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