Preserving Your License Is Our No. 1 Goal

In most cases, our clients come to us after receiving some kind of complaint or accusation. Facing the potential for revocation or loss of licenses and ruined reputations in their professional communities, our clients are rightfully anxious about their cases.

If you are facing disciplinary action or professional license revocation, work with a lawyer from S J Harris Law who is committed to helping you retain your license and your reputation.

We make it our No. 1 aim to save our clients’ professional licenses, and we do so with an approach marked by compassion and a commitment to serving each client’s unique legal needs.

Depending on the case, there are a number of options for us. We represent clients in their board hearings, we can file petitions for reinstatement or reductions of penalties, and appeal a case to a higher legal authority if necessary. Talk with us to learn more about your professional license defense options.

Other Professional License Defense

S J Harris Law provides legal representation to licensed health care professionals, real estate agents, insurance brokers, administrative and government employees, and a wide variety of other licensed professionals, including:

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We represent professionals in the Greater Los Angeles area, and throughout California, from San Francisco to San Diego. For a free 30-minute consultation with an attorney from our firm, call 323-370-6139 , or contact us online.