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As an insurance agent or broker, much of your income is based on the book of business you build. When allegations of unethical behavior or misconduct arise, your reputation and your license are on the line.

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S J Harris Law represents insurance agents and brokers throughout California who are facing disciplinary action by the California Department of Insurance.

California Department of Insurance Investigations

The California Department of Insurance (CDI) is responsible for licensing and monitoring licensed insurance agents and brokers within the state of California. If someone files a complaint with the CDI against a licensed insurance agent or broker, then the CDI may initiate an investigation if they believe that a violation of law may have taken place. If the violation is proven, then the agent or broker would be subject to discipline from the CDI.

The CDI enforcement branch is given the authority to investigate and pursue the prosecution of violators using both regulatory and criminal justice systems. This branch seeks to ensure effective enforcement of insurance laws to protect consumers and insurers from economic loss and to stop unethical conduct and criminal actions by those involved in the insurance industry.

There are two main investigative agencies within the CDI enforcement branch: the fraud division, and the investigation division. The fraud division is focused on investigating matters involving insurance fraud. There are four different insurance fraud programs within this division, they are:

  • Auto insurance fraud,
  • Workers’ compensation fraud,
  • Disability and healthcare fraud, and
  • Property, life, and casualty fraud.

The investigation division includes a staff of over 90 investigative and support staff across seven offices in regional locations across California. If you are facing an investigation from the fraud division or investigation division of the CDI enforcement branch, then it is critical that you quickly get an experienced insurance license defense attorney on your side.

Department of Insurance Accusations

The CDI receives thousands of complaints each year accusing California insurance agents and brokers of some type of fraud or other misconduct. Once an insurance agent or broker is accused of misconduct, then he or she can face an investigation from the enforcement branch of the CDI.

If the fraud division or the investigation division finds that the licensee may have violated insurance law or another form of statutory misconduct, then the licensee will receive a “Notice of Accusation” letter. California insurance agents and brokers who receive a Notice of Accusation are immediately put on the clock to respond and defend themselves.

An insurance agent or broker who receives an accusation has 15 days from the date of the proof of service to file a “Notice of Defense.” The actual defenses may or may not need to be discussed in this notice, but the notice must be filed to notify the CDI that the licensee plans to defend themselves against the accusations. A failure to respond to a Notice of Accusation can result in a default against the licensee and a waiver of certain rights.

An experienced insurance license defense attorney can pinpoint what defenses must be raised in a Notice of Defense, as well as help you determine what the appropriate plan of action should be in defending your case if you have been sent a Notice of Accusation.

Strong, Effective Defense To Protect Your License And Your Livelihood

The California Department of Insurance is the administrative agency that governs insurance agents and brokers. However, it is not the department’s job to protect agents and brokers. Instead, it policies this profession, and holds agents and brokers liable for any alleged misstep, including:

When insurance brokers and agents come to see us, many are nervous and worried they will lose their licenses and their ability to earn a living. At S J Harris Law, we do everything in our power to protect our clients’ licenses. Lawyer Scott J. Harris provides solid, effective representation at every stage of the license discipline proceeding, including the initial investigation phase, administrative hearings and appeals, and appeals to the superior court through writs of mandamus. We will not rest until we have exhausted every legal path available to defend our clients’ insurance licenses.

Insurance Agent License Defense Attorney Serving California

During his time as a Deputy Attorney General and Licensing Board Prosecutor, attorney Scott J. Harris litigated hundreds of cases involving license revocation and professional discipline. Today, professionals benefit from his knowledge and experience. Mr. Harris knows the steps prosecutors will take when building a case against you and takes proactive steps to protect your license and your future.

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