Why Your Child Care License May Be Disciplined

The Importance of Proper Child Care License Defense

If you are a daycare provider, it generally indicates that you have successfully completed several steps to be awarded a child care license by the state of California. Your child care license is your business’s lifeblood, as it is impossible to legally operate your business without a valid license. Any claim of misconduct, even if untrue, can have a significant impact on your child care license. Any complaint made against you will start an investigation process that could lead to license discipline, civil liability, or even criminal liability. 

Without the proper defense, you can find yourself on the wrong end of a civil or criminal case in certain situations. If you are facing allegations of misconduct as a daycare provider or child care licensee, then it is important to seek the advice of an experienced California professional license defense attorney as soon as possible.

Common “Type A” Deficiencies 

The California Child Care Licensing (CCL) program awards and monitors licenses awarded to child care providers across the state. Following a complaint, the CCL will conduct an investigation that can lead to the following discoveries. The issues listed below are considered “Type A” deficiencies and can result in a citation or administrative action; they include:

  • Failure to conduct criminal record and child abuse background checks;
  • Failure to follow fire safety rules;
  • Failure to provide safe and healthy food; and
  • Failure to maintain a safe environment.

These are not all of the deficiencies that the CCL can designate as “Type A.” When the CCL has concluded that a daycare provider has failed to follow specific laws or regulations, the CCL will then notify the daycare provider of the issue and set a timeline to come into compliance. The CCL can either issue a citation or initiate an “Administrative Action” any time there are licensing violations. 

A citation is simply a ticket that can result in a fine. An Administrative Action is a process that is reserved for more serious or repeated violations, which can result in a license suspension or revocation.

Common Reasons For License Suspension or Revocation

If an Administrative Action has been initiated against your license, it is important to know that the following violations can result in a license suspension or revocation. The most common reasons for a child care license to be suspended or revoked include:

  • Violating specific laws or regulations;
  • Assisting or allowing a violation of specific laws or regulations;
  • Conduct within the child care which threatens anyone’s health, safety, and welfare;
  • Criminal convictions of specific crimes by the provider or its employees; and
  • Failing to follow certain health practice guidelines.

If the CCL believes that any of the above violations occurred, it may suspend the daycare provider’s child care license immediately pending further investigation. If you face an investigation and potential sanction against your California child care license, then we are standing by at the S.J. Harris Law Office to answer your questions now.

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