Why You Should Be Completely Honest with Your License Defense Lawyer

If you are walking into the office of a California license defense attorney, chances are good that you are facing some threat to your professional license. You may feel embarrassment or shame about your predicament. 

While such feelings are understandable, they may lead you to engage in behavior harmful to your goal of preserving your license. 

Specifically, failing to be completely forthcoming and truthful with your license defense attorney can lead to you receiving incomplete or inaccurate advice. This, in turn, can further jeopardize your license and career.

4 Reasons to Come Clean with Your License Defense Attorney

No matter your feelings of shame or embarrassment, your interests are served best when you give your license defense lawyer the unvarnished truth.

Four reasons why you should be honest with your attorney include the following:

1. Your Attorney Needs the Truth to Give You Accurate Advice

Your attorney needs a complete picture of your legal predicament to provide you with the most accurate advice. The solution to your legal question can turn on the presence or absence of one fact or circumstance. Disclosing all of the facts of your situation helps ensure you get the most helpful and accurate advice.

2. Your Attorney Has Seen and Heard It All Before

Although this may be your first time in this situation or facing these challenges, an experienced license defense attorney has likely heard situations like yours and worse many times. 

In light of your attorney’s need to fully understand your situation, it makes little sense to minimize it by withholding facts because you believe your case is too shocking.

3. Your Attorney’s Job Is Not to Judge You

You may also feel you cannot be completely honest with your license defense attorney because your attorney may judge or think less of you. However, your attorney’s job is to help you resolve your legal matter, not pass judgment. 

Experienced license defense lawyers should make you feel comfortable and as if they are fighting for you.

4. Your Attorney Cannot Disclose Certain Information to Others

The attorney-client privilege protects most all communications you have with your attorney from disclosure to others. 

The only exceptions are if you tell your attorney that you intend to commit a crime or fraud. Otherwise, what you tell your attorney must stay between you and your attorney and be used to resolve your legal matter.

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