What’s the Best Way to Handle a Complaint from the California Board of Pharmacy?

Reasons Why A Licensed Pharmacist might Face A Complaint

When an individual in California gains their pharmacy license, it is important to understand that this license will continually be under monitoring and scrutiny by the California Board of Pharmacy. Any violations of the rules and regulations set by the Board of Pharmacy can lead to a complaint, which can eventually lead to a suspension or even revocation of a pharmacy license. Some of the most common reasons why a pharmacist may face a complaint include:

  • Failing to instruct a patient about the proper administration of a new prescription;
  • Failing to instruct a patient about the possible side effects of a prescription drug;
  • Allowing a non-pharmacist employee to instruct a patient about a prescription;
  • Allowing a non-pharmacist employee to fill a prescription for a patient;
  • A pharmacist being unable to do their job safely due to being under the influence of alcohol or drugs; and
  • A pharmacist making a prescription error.

These are just some of the most common reasons why a pharmacist may face a complaint of misconduct from the Board of Pharmacy. If you are facing a complaint from the California Board of Pharmacy, it is important to know that the investigative process is private and will not be shared with the public unless there is a punishment issued by the Board.

What You Should Do to Protect Your Pharmacy License

The first thing you should do if you are faced with a complaint of misconduct by the Board of Pharmacy is to contact an experienced professional license defense attorney. When a complaint is issued by the Board, the licensee will typically have one of four main options in proceeding forward, they are:

  • Agreeing to a resolution order offered by the Board;
  • Providing a response in writing to the allegations forwarded by the Board;
  • Attending an informal settlement conference with Board representatives; and/or
  • Requesting that the matter be set for an administrative trial.

The worst thing that you can do when facing a complaint from the California Board of Pharmacy is nothing. It is your responsibility to take proactive action to preserve and maintain your pharmacy license. While pharmacy Board complaints can feel adversarial, they should be approached with a peacemaking approach first to determine if an amicable resolution can be made that satisfies both the Board and the licensee. If you have questions about a complaint against your pharmacy license, then give us a call at The S.J. Harris Law Office so we can help!

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