What to Do If You are Being Investigated by the Multi-State Regulatory Taskforce, NMLS, and DFPI for Continuing Education Violations?

What are Continuing Education Violations?

Under the Secure and Fair Enforcement for Mortgage Licensing Act (Safe Act), anyone who has earned a mortgage loan originator (MLO) license must complete continuing education (CE) courses to keep their MLO license in good standing. The Nationwide Multistate Licensing System (NMLS) has set rules and minimum requirements that must be followed to ensure educational integrity. These rules are known as the Rules of Conduct (ROC).

The ROC includes requirements for the student/licensee to identify themselves truthfully, acknowledge that they will not seek outside help to finish a CE course, agree not to help anyone taking a CE course, agree not to engage in any dishonest or fraudulent conduct regarding anything in the CE course. If an individual is suspected of having committed CE violations, then he or she can face an inquiry and potential license sanction.

If you are facing an accusation of a CE violation, then it is important to speak to an experienced professional license defense attorney as soon as possible.

How A Continuing Education Violation Can Harm Your Professional License

A CE violation can harm your professional license in several ways. Firstly, all licensees are required to fully cooperate and provide complete and truthful answers to any questions that are posed regarding any CE violations. If a licensee fails to provide any of the requested information regarding an alleged CE violation or answers the questions posed untruthfully, then an individual’s MLO license can be at stake. Failing to properly cooperate with the Multi-State Regulatory Taskforce, NMLS, and/or DFPI can result in license sanction, orders of restitution, a civil monetary fine, or other penalties.

Anyone facing the potential of professional license sanction should seek experienced counsel immediately to help safeguard their license. An allegation of dishonest conduct is among the most damaging and complex that a licensee may face. MLOs are expected to operate in an honest manner due to the amounts of money and personal information that is at stake in any transaction. If a state licensing board believes that one of its licensees conducts themselves in a dishonest or fraudulent way, then that can cause severe harm to anyone involved and to the industry as a whole.

State licensing boards are very hesitant to license individuals with documented instances of dishonesty or fraudulent conduct. If you have legal questions about your professional license, then call us at The S.J. Harris Law Office so we can help!

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