What is a Nursing Sanction?

Nursing Sanctions Explained

If you are a licensed nurse, you understand the time, effort, and sacrifice necessary to earn your ability to practice. Once you obtain your license, it is vital to perform work duties efficiently and appropriately. The Board of Registered Nursing (BRN) has the power to revoke your registered nursing license if there is any violation of the Nursing Act under the Business and Professions Code Section 2750. This nursing penalty is decided based on several factors. The factors include severity and recency of offense, rehabilitation evidence, ability to practice safely currently, mitigating factors, and past disciplinary history.

Nursing Licensee Sanctions are administrative actions taken against nurses who perform illegal or otherwise negligent acts while practicing nursing. Information about Nursing Board Sanctions can be found at Nursing License Lookup California. If nurses face potential sanctions, they will receive formal notice of a violation. A hearing can follow to determine if sanctions are appropriate. If you have legal questions about nursing licenses in California, it is important to speak to an experienced nursing license defense attorney.

What are Common Nursing Ssanctions?

A nurse can be sanctioned in a few different ways, depending on the facts and circumstances of the alleged violation. Some of the most common sanctions include:

Letter of Reprimand

The Board can issue a letter of reprimand as a formal notice that a violation occurred and that discipline was imposed against the nurse’s license to practice.

Probationary License

A probationary license will be issued for a time period determined by the Board. The probationary license will include such terms and conditions as the Board deems necessary to protect the public welfare. The nurse will be required to practice under supervision while on probation.

Suspension of Nursing License

A suspension order may be issued by the Board for some time as deemed necessary in the Board regulation. The period of time can also be until further action by the Board with or without additional terms and conditions as determined necessary to protect the public health, safety, and welfare. The nurse will be allowed to practice with restrictions during the period of suspension (see Nursing Practice Act Section 2234).

Revocation of Nursing License

A nursing license revocation may be issued by the Board for a period deemed necessary in the Board regulations or until further action by the Board. Revocations are permanent and include any terms and conditions deemed necessary to protect public health, safety, and welfare (see Nursing Practice Act Section 2238).

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