What is a Final Order in Nursing?


When a professional such as a nurse is awarded a state license to practice, that license is always under monitoring by a state agency whose primary purpose is to protect the public. In California, the California Board of Nursing monitors nurses. A complaint against a nurse can happen in several ways, and nurses can even self-report violations to the Board. Once a complaint occurs, the Board will launch an investigation to determine if the allegations are substantiated or not. If the investigation does not confirm the allegations, the matter will be closed. The nurse can face further disciplinary proceedings and sanctions if the allegations are substantiated. The options a nurse has at this stage include:

  • Consent agreement
  • Informal settlement conference
  • Formal hearing

When a nurse receives a violation, anyone can find the information easily online. This information will be permanently on the internet, putting the nurse in a negative light. If you face a potential nursing sanction, it is important to speak to an experienced nursing license defense attorney as soon as possible.


After a nursing license investigation and hearing proceedings, the Board will draft a final order. A final order is a written order that describes the Board’s findings of fact and legal conclusions regarding a disciplinary matter. A final order follows either a consent agreement or a contested formal disciplinary hearing. If the nurse undergoing investigation agrees to discipline through a consent order, they may or may not have to accept responsibility for the alleged violation(s). 

Suppose no agreement between the nurse and the investigative panel occurs. This agreement will go before the Board, adopting the agreement or denying its acceptance and entry. In that case, a formal disciplinary hearing will take place before the Board to determine facts and potential discipline. Formal hearings are similar to civil trials where testimony and evidence go before a courtroom-like setting and the board makes a final decision. A final order is forever, so it is critical to have the best potential defense to face an alleged violation. The outcome of a disciplinary matter can have a permanent effect on your nursing license and ability to practice in your chosen profession. If you have legal questions, call us at SJ Harris Law to help! 


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