What Board Regulates Physical Therapists and Physical Therapy Assistants?


The Physical Therapy Board of California (originally the Physical Therapy Examining Committee) regulates and oversees individuals and clinics that practice physical therapy. The Board is comprised of seven members who serve four-year terms. There are four Board positions reserved for licensed physical therapists and three Board positions reserved for members of the public. Board members are appointed by the Governor of California and can serve a maximum of two terms on the Board. Board members must complete ethics training biannually. If you have questions regarding your physical therapy license, then it is important to speak to an experienced license defense attorney.


The main role of the Physical Therapy Board of California is to protect the public from incompetent, unprofessional, and criminal actions of licensed physical therapists and their assistants. The Board issues, monitors, and sanctions the licenses of physical therapists within the state of California. Physical therapists must be issued a license to practice in California before doing so and can have licensed physical therapist assistants to work under them. 

Physical therapy aides are unlicensed physical therapy providers who work under the immediate supervision of a licensed physical therapist. The actions of licensed physical therapists and their assistants and aides are subject to investigation and discipline if misconduct is alleged. The Board accepts complaints regarding incompetent, unethical, or illegal actions of licensees are their assistants. 


If a complaint has been made against you with the Physical Therapy Board, then the Board will determine if enough information is present to launch an investigation regarding the matter. If the Board decides to investigate the matter further, the licensee or assistant will receive a notice that a complaint has been filed against him or her and that the Board would like a written statement regarding the allegations. If the investigation determines that misconduct likely occurred, then the licensee or assistant will be charged with a licensing violation. 

The final outcome of this violation charge can be determined through an agreed-upon resolution, or after a full hearing where witnesses are called and questioned before a disciplinary panel. It is critical to immediately consult with an attorney and retain his or her services if you are facing an investigation from the Physical Therapy Board of California. Your license and ability to practice physical therapy could depend on it.

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