Top Ways to Lose Your License

If you work in the healthcare field, having a full understanding of the specific actions that can cause you to lose your license is essential.

Below you’ll learn more about what to avoid in order to keep your license in good standing.

Criminal Conviction

A criminal conviction can have several implications for your career.  Whether you are seeking a license or already have a license from an agency, the conviction of a misdemeanor or felony can impact your ability to practice your chosen profession.

Sexual Misconduct

While many people think they understand what sexual misconduct is, they are often mistaken.  Sexual misconduct includes a wide range of actions, including sexually inappropriate comments, touching the patient in ways that they find inappropriate, and any sexual gestures or relationships.  A violation of any of these can result in a loss of licensure.

Patient Harm and Abuse

Any kind of abuse to a patient can cause you to lose your license.  Your top concern should be to conduct all medical procedures properly to avoid harming the patient.  You should be especially vigilant about being careful with elderly patients who are frail and more susceptible to injury.

Abuse allegations can even come into play if you make a seemingly harmless recommendation, such as recommending an over-the-counter medication that is contraindicated with another of the patient’s medications.  Finally, if you suspect that any patient is being abused, you must report it.

Drug or Alcohol Abuse

Using drugs and alcohol during your workday can result in your license being revoked.  If you have a drug or alcohol dependency problem, you should connect with local resources that will allow you to get help while retaining your license.

Documentation Problems, Fraud, and Misrepresentation

All documentation of patient records and billing must be clear, legible, detailed, and include supporting evidence and information.  You must also ensure that your practice’s license is always current.  Other actions that can cause licensure issues include creating false records for non-existent patients, creating false bills, or forging a patient’s signature on any forms.

In addition, you may not charge different fees for patients who pay privately and those who pay with insurance.  Changing treatment dates or using the wrong codes on insurance or other documentation is also forbidden.  Last but not least, it’s extremely important to verify the degree of anyone who is working for you to ensure that they are qualified for the position.


Any form of discrimination can cause your license to be revoked, including discriminating against age, race, religion, or sex.

Boundary Violations

If you hire aids from other jurisdictions, you must make sure that they are only performing medical care they are allowed to do in your jurisdiction.  If an employee is from elsewhere and provides care they are not legally permitted to provide in your jurisdiction, your license may be in danger.

If you find yourself in a worrisome licensing situation, it’s a good idea to work with a professional license attorney.  If you need help with license issues, attorney Scott Harris can help.  Schedule a free, 30-minute consultation or call us at 323-794-0701 or at 877-865-6218.

This blog is meant to be informational. It is not meant to be all-encompassing legal advice. If you are facing a situation involving your professional license, seek counsel from a licensed attorney.

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