Top Reasons Physical Therapists Lose Their License

The Importance of Proper Physical Therapist License Defense

If you are a physical therapist, then it is important to know that any claim of misconduct, even if untrue, can have a significant impact on your physical therapist license. A patient simply making a complaint against you will start an investigation process that can lead to your license’s potential suspension and revocation. 

Certain types of allegations can also lead to civil and even criminal proceedings against you. Without the proper defense, you can easily find yourself on the wrong end of a large civil judgment or even criminal liability if certain factors are present. If you are facing allegations of misconduct as a physical therapist, then it is important to seek the advice of an experienced California professional license defense attorney as soon as possible.

Types of Allegations That Can Cost You Your License

Physical therapists serve an important role in the medical industry. They help people recover from accidents while also helping people that suffer from various physical ailments. While doing their jobs, physical therapists are expected to follow specific rules set by the state of California’s licensing board. A violation of these rules can result in the loss of a physical therapist’s ability to practice. The most common allegations against physical therapists include:

  • Patient abuse: This type of claim is most common when dealing with elderly patients. A patient abuse claim can happen when a patient is injured due to a physical therapist’s heavy hand.
  • Sexual misconduct: This type of claim can be the most damaging. The intimate nature of physical therapy requires physical therapists to be vigilant in making physical contact with patients to avoid sexual misconduct claims.
  • Substance abuse: This type of claim can involve a look at your activities while working and after work. Substance abuse is, unfortunately, too common in high-stress professions like physical therapy.
  • Inaccurate documentation: This type of claim will result in an investigation into your record-keeping methods and even lead to a claim of health care fraud. It is a physical therapist’s responsibility to keep and maintain accurate patient records.
  • Medication violations: This type of claim involves prescriptions written for patients outside of what a physical therapist is typically permitted to write. It is required of a physical therapist to follow all prescribing guidelines.
  • Improper treatment of assistants and aides: This type of claim involved the misuse or improper supervision of your Physical Therapy Aides and Physical Therapy Assistants. It is the supervisor’s duty to ensure that the aide or assistant is performing properly and that they are not participating in misconduct that could jeopardize your license.

These are only some of the potential claims that can be made against a physical therapist and his or her professional license. If you have specific questions about alleged violations against your license, then the S.J. Harris Law Office is available to help you now.

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