The Role a Nursing License Defense Lawyer Plays in Helping You and Your License

Nursing is a highly esteemed profession. After all, nurses take care of their patients during some of their most vulnerable moments. Consequently, nurses are in a position of immense trust, which makes the profession a target for stringent regulation.

If a nurse is accused of misconduct, they could lose their license or be temporarily suspended from the profession. When this happens, they will likely require the services of a qualified nursing defense lawyer. This post will explain more about what a nursing defense lawyer can offer in these types of situations.

How Nursing License Defense Lawyers Can Help

Various regulatory bodies throughout California are tasked with holding nurses accountable. The primary goal of most of these organizations is to protect public health. Consequently, any nurse who performs their job in a way that could potentially put the public at risk could face disciplinary action from one of these boards.

In California, the three primary boards are the Board of Registered Nursing (BRN), the Board of Vocational Nursing (BVN), and the Office of Administrative Hearings. No matter which board or office the nurse hears from, they will likely benefit from seeking the services of a nursing defense lawyer rather than trying to defend themselves.

Responding to Inquiries

Before things even move past an initial accusation, a nursing defense lawyer can help draft responses to the inquiries that precede disciplinary hearings and other regulatory actions.

The lawyer should have a good idea of how to respond to the boards while keeping legality in mind. They will also send their correspondence in a timely manner, which is in your best interests since the regulatory boards usually expect prompt responses.

License Defense Representation

If you are eventually put into a situation where you have to defend your license, you certainly have a lot to lose. After all, your ability to practice nursing could be suspended or revoked by the end of the hearing.

By retaining the services of a nursing defense lawyer, you are ensuring that you can put your best foot forward should any of the following accusations be levied against you.


Malpractice is a big deal. Any violation of state and federal laws pertaining to proper nursing practice could result in accusations of malpractice.


Every nurse swore an oath to protect their patients. Neglecting these patients directly contradicts that oath and could lead to disciplinary action.


The nursing regulatory boards do not tolerate fraudulent activity.

Substance Abuse

If a nurse is accused of substance abuse, they could have their license suspended or revoked. The consequences depend on the severity of the situation and whether the nurse is willing to seek treatment for their condition.

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