What Is the Difference Between a Medical License Defense Attorney Versus a General Lawyer?

When you’re facing legal trouble and need an attorney, you should always consider what kind of legal services you need. Based on your situation, you should select an attorney with the proper knowledge, skill, and experience to handle your case.

If your professional license is at risk, consult a license defense attorney as soon as possible.

What Is a General Lawyer?

A general lawyer, also called a general practitioner, is an attorney that practices many areas of law. Instead of focusing on just one specific area, like personal injury, family, or criminal, they can represent clients in various cases. Usually, general lawyers are sole practitioners or work in boutique law firms.

What Is a Medical License Defense Attorney?

A medical license defense attorney is an attorney that has chosen to specialize in handling license defense cases, specifically for individuals in the medical field.
License defense lawyers focus on helping professionals protect their licenses if they face application problems, criminal trouble, complaints, investigations, or other licensing issues. These attorneys can help professionals get, keep, renew, and reinstate their licenses so they may enjoy fruitful careers.

Medical License Defense Attorney and General Lawyers — Where They’re Similar

All lawyers (including general attorneys and specific practices like license defense attorneys) must attend college to get a four-year degree before attending law school, which typically takes another three years. After law school, lawyers must take the bar exam to begin their practice. Once a lawyer passes the bar exam, they can choose which direction to take.

Some attorneys focus on one practice area, while others have multiple concentrations. Choosing a career path is often where lawyers begin to differ, as there are many roads to take and specialties to choose from.

Medical license defense attorneys and general lawyers usually have the same base knowledge and training, but beyond that, there are typically more differences than similarities.

Medical License Defense Attorney vs. General Lawyer

Most notably, medical license defense attorneys and general lawyers have different focuses.

For example, a general lawyer could handle a license defense case, but a license defense lawyer would not be able to address some of the various cases a general lawyer takes on. This is because general lawyers know a little about every area of law, while license defense lawyers know plenty about their chosen area of law and do not concern themselves with the ins and outs of other areas.

If you need help with a medical license defense case, you could have either lawyer handle your case. However, relying on a specialized license defense attorney would be wise if you wanted the best representation. They know the nuances of license cases and will be able to provide the best service in this specific area.

Consult with an Experienced License Defense Attorney Today

When you face challenges that could jeopardize your medical license, consult with the right kind of attorney.

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