Los Angeles Massage Parlor Regulation and Defense

Last week, the LA Times had an op-ed piece about the City of Los Angeles and its enforcement, or lack there of, regarding laws regulating massage parlors. In 2009, the State passed a law that required certification of massage therapists, which would then allow cities to ask to view the credentials of business applicants before granting business licenses. The question now appears to be whether cities are asking to see such credentials?

With the the recent scrutiny, it appears that the City could begin reviewing the business licenses of massage parlors. As a result, such parlors may face review by the City and the State, and may face potential legal action by the City and/or the State.

For more information about the regulation and licensing of massage therapists, amongst many others, you can look at the California Business and Professions Code, section 4600, et. seq.

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Author : S J Harris