Is My Nursing Reprimand Public?

The Enforcement Program Of The Board Of Registered Nursing (brn)

The Board of Registered Nursing (BRN) is the main administrative body that awards nursing licenses and regulates California nurses. The Nursing Practice Act authorizes the BRN to investigate and take disciplinary action against registered nurses who violate the rules of practice in any way. The BRN’s Enforcement Program conducts the investigation and disciplinary actions against a registered nurse. The Enforcement Program serves four primary functions in regulating California’s registered nurses, which include:

  • Intake of complaints against state registered nurses,
  • Investigation of complaints,
  • Legal and administrative action, and
  • Probation monitoring.

A complaint against a registered nurse can open an investigation, which can lead to severe disciplinary measures. If you are facing an investigation of your nursing license, then it is important to speak to an experienced California nursing license defense attorney to have your specific questions answered.

Public Records Of Nursing License Discipline

Any actions that are related to nursing license discipline in the state of California will likely be public record. There are ways to expunge nursing board records in some limited circumstances, but in most cases, the records are permanent. public record. of nursing license discipline history can easily be accessed online by There is also BreEZe, the DCA’s licensing/enforcement system for consumers, licensees, and license applicants. BreEZe allows consumers to check if a professional license is valid and file consumer complaints. Licensees and applicants can also submit license applications, change their address, and renew licenses.

The most effective way to make sure that any discipline on your nursing license remains out of the public eye is to prevent discipline from being imposed in the first place. You can do this by hiring an experienced and effective professional license defense attorney to defend you if you are facing a complaint. Without the proper defense, you can easily find yourself on the wrong side of a large civil judgment or even criminal culpability if the correct factors are present. 

Nurses play an important role in the medical industry and are often caring for vulnerable patients. If nurses violate ethical rules of practice in any way, then they are subject to license discipline and other forms of discipline, which can even include criminal charges. The microscope on professionals has never been larger. The ability to access information that would presumably be private has become commonplace in our information-driven world today. If you have questions about a matter related to your professional nursing license and any potential discipline related to your license, then call us today at SJ Harris Law Office so we can help.  

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