Five Ways to Protect Your Psychologist License from Accusations of Malpractice

How To Prevent Malpractice Accusations

If you have earned a psychologist license from the state of California, then you have walked a path that most choose not to. In earning your license, you have made it through the complex steps of medical school and taken and passed more exams than you can likely recall. While earning a license can be a challenging endeavor, losing a license due to malpractice can occur from a single mistake. It is essential to avoid these professional mistakes to help prevent malpractice accusations. The top five ways to help avoid licensing issues include the following.

Stay away from multiple relationships

Most psychologists may think that simply avoiding sexual relationships with clients is enough to avoid a multiple relationship claim. While this one is apparent, multiple relationships can form in other ways. If you hire a client to clean your pool or paint your house, then you open the possibility to a board complaint as you have now engaged your client in a potentially impermissible multiple relationships.

Clearly state what services you will be rendering

It is important to set clear service guidelines in the first session with a client. Tell that client what services you will and will not be rendered. Have them sign an informed consent to this effect to ensure you are protected.

Take care of yourself

To operate at your highest level, it is important that your life is in order outside of your professional practice. Family or other stressors can lead to unhealthy habits, which can then lead to avoidable mistakes in your practice.

Get professional liability coverage

While professional liability coverage is not required, it is definitely recommended. If you face a complaint without coverage, defending the claim can be extremely costly. If you work with high-risk patients with mental health issues, you will likely face complaints.

Stay current on professional rules

Understanding the latest professional rules of conduct is critical to maintaining compliance. Knowing the rules can help you avoid inadvertently breaking them.

Sometimes you will face a complaint of misconduct even when you have taken all practical measures to avoid professional malpractice accusations. If this is the case, then it is vital to speak to an experienced psychologist defense attorney at The S.J. Harris Law Office. Call us today so we can help!

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