Can You Get a Liquor License in California With a Felony on Your Record?

If you have a felony conviction on your record, you have likely experienced how that prior conviction can affect you long after paying your debt to society. One prominent example deals with firearms. Convicted felons automatically lose their second amendment rights to own a gun. While some rights are lost automatically, it is important to understand that having a felony does not automatically prevent you from getting a state license for many things, including getting a liquor license. If you have questions about state liquor licensing, then it is crucial to speak to an experienced liquor license defense attorney.

Types Of Liquor Licenses Available

There are several different types of liquor licenses that are available for different purposes; they include:

  • Wholesaler/Supplier license: This license will permit you to sell alcohol to stores and restaurants. 
  • Manufacturer/Brewer license: This license will permit you to distill alcohol and properly account for necessary taxes and other requirements.
  • On-site alcohol sales license: This license will permit you to sell and/or serve alcohol at your place of business.
  • Special event license: This license will permit you to serve alcohol at a party or other event. This is not considered for commercial use.

Any business conducted involving alcohol requires state licensing. You may also be required to be licensed as a business in your area. Make sure you understand all of the requirements for the license you are seeking before you apply. 

What is Considered When Issuing A Liquor License

If you have a felony conviction, then it is important that you truthfully disclose it when applying for a liquor license of any kind. If you deny that you have a felony conviction and the state later finds out that you were not truthful, then that is an almost automatic denial of license due to the element of dishonesty. The state will assess the type, age, and severity of a crime when determining whether to grant a liquor license. If the conviction was due at least in part to alcohol, then it is unlikely that you will be granted a liquor license. It is recommended that you wait five years after any felony convictions before applying for a liquor license. You will need to demonstrate your good moral character to obtain a liquor license from the state. If you have legal questions about getting your liquor license in California, call us at the S.J. Harris Law Firm so we can help!

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