Can Unprofessional Conduct Outside the Workplace Put My Nursing License in Danger?

The Requirements Of Licensed Nurses

If you are a licensed nurse, then you already understand the time, effort, and money spent to earn your license in the first place. Becoming a licensed nurse likely required much sacrifice and self-reliance. Earning your license, however, is only the first step. You must also do everything in your power to keep your nursing license, as being a nurse is a privilege and not a right.

To keep your nursing license, you must follow all legal and ethical rules set by the California Board of Nursing. What you do outside of work can and will affect your professional license in many circumstances. If you face an accusation of unprofessional conduct outside of your workplace, you can face license sanction and even revocation. If you have legal questions, then make sure to speak to an experienced nursing license defense attorney.

Examples Of Unprofessional Conduct That Can Lead To License Sanction

There are many ways that a nurse can act unprofessionally outside of the workplace, leading to problems with the Board of Nursing. The most common examples of unprofessional conduct include:

Inappropriate Patient Relations

A nurse can open themselves up to a claim of unprofessional conduct anytime a nurse becomes more than just a nurse to a patient. Engaging in sexual relations or becoming more involved in a patient’s personal life can end up in too deep of an involvement.

Criminal Activity

This type of claim can be the most damaging. If a nurse is charged with drunk driving, criminal possession of drugs, or accusations relating to violence or dishonesty, then the nurse can face severe license sanctions.

Substance Abuse

This type of claim usually follows a criminal charge involving substance abuse. An investigation into your activities during and after work can result. High-stress professions such as nursing can result in higher rates of substance abuse among nurses.

Social Media

If a nurse uses social media to promote their services, it is important to avoid making HIPAA violations by posting personal information or photos of a patient’s health information. Any information that can be traced back to the patient can constitute a HIPAA violation.

Misappropriating Medications

Medications or other medical care items that are prescribed for a patient or owned by an employer should never be misappropriated for personal use.

These are just some of the ways that you can find yourself in trouble with the Board of Nursing for conduct outside the workplace. If you have legal questions, then call us at The S.J. Harris Law Office so we can help!

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