Can a DUI Affect A California Licensed Professional? 

A DUI conviction can have negative implications for anyone, especially regarding employment prospects. However, licensed professionals face steeper consequences for a DUI, especially in California. 

Exactly how a DUI can impact your employment depends on the type of professional license you hold. In some fields, DUI consequences may rest on employer discretion. In others, a California DUI can bring career-ending implications. 

DUI Impact on Medical Professionals

Medical professionals in California face some of the steepest consequences for a DUI conviction. However, specific outcomes vary depending on the type of medical license you hold and your workplace requirements. 

Both licensing boards and places of employment hold varying requirements for disclosing a DUI conviction. If a DUI occurs while you’re already on probation, consequences can be even steeper and may lead to losing your medical license. 

A licensed medical professional convicted of a DUI should immediately consult with a California license defense attorney​​ to ensure reporting procedures are followed to minimize risk to employment status and helps you to avoid further violations

DUI Impact on CPAs

California CPAs are held to a high professional standard, and a DUI will result in a formal investigation. Consequences of a DUI investigation by the California Board of Accountancy may include: 

  • Formal hearing
  • License suspension
  • License revocation

Proactively reporting a DUI is the best approach for protecting an accountancy license. Given the steep consequences, a CPA convicted of DUI should first consult with a California license defense attorney for a strategy for minimizing the negative impacts of an investigation. 

DUI Impact on Contractors

Contractors in California can also face DUI consequences that significantly limit future employment opportunities. Specific outcomes are dependent on the board under which a contractor is licensed. 

A DUI conviction is likely to result in an investigation by your licensing board, which will consider the extent to which the circumstances of the DUI impact your work responsibilities. 

A DUI can result in the loss of a contractor license. Furthermore, different boards hold different reporting requirements for disclosing a DUI conviction. A license defense attorney can help navigate disclosure and investigation to minimize penalties. 

DUI Impact on Teachers

Licensed teachers don’t face any particular licensing consequences for a California DUI conviction. Instead, consequences tend to be determined by the individual school district. 

Under California law, teachers are permitted to maintain a teaching license even after a DUI conviction. However, school boards and districts hold teachers to a high level of integrity, given their workplace responsibilities. 

Most school districts have procedures in place for disclosing a DUI. A California teacher convicted of a DUI may be on probation, suspended, or fired.

Call a License Defense Attorney for Help with a DUI

A DUI conviction can bring severe consequences for a California licensed professional, but specific penalties vary based on conviction circumstances, board reporting requirements, and workplace policies. 

Proactively consulting with a license defense attorney is the best approach for protecting yourself from professional consequences after a DUI conviction. 

Contact S J Harris Law today to speak with an experienced license defense attorney about proceeding after a DUI conviction in California.

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