Can a Domestic Assault Accusation Affect Your Professional License?

The Requirements of Professional License Holders

If you hold a professional license to practice in your profession, then you already know the time, effort, and money spent to earn the license in the first place. Becoming a doctor, mortgage broker, lawyer, or another type of licensed professional likely was not cheap, nor was it easy. Earning your professional license is just the first step. You must also do everything in your power to keep your professional license, as having a license is a privilege and not a right.

It is vital for all professional license holders to understand that you must follow legal and ethical guidelines as outlined by your state licensing board to keep your license. What you do on your personal time can and will affect your professional license under certain circumstances. If you are accused and/or convicted of certain crimes, then you can face a suspension or even revocation of your professional license. If you are facing a criminal accusation as a licensed professional, then it is important to have an attorney who is experienced in working closely with trusted criminal defense lawyers while providing professional license defense. Having one without the other can have serious consequences.

How A Domestic Assault Accusation Can Affect Your Professional License

Domestic assault is the type of charge that can and will affect virtually any type of professional license. While some professions may focus on substance abuse or crimes of dishonesty as their primary areas of importance when monitoring their licensees, all professions treat domestic violence accusations seriously. A domestic violence accusation can result in all kinds of licensing issues depending on the nature and seriousness of the alleged crimes.

There may be deals offered to you that can avoid a criminal conviction but can still result in license sanction. This is because the criminal courts and professional licensing boards operate under different standards and rules. If you admit to domestic assault, then you will likely face sanction regardless of the judge’s sentence. You will likely need to fight your domestic violence charge all the way to trial if you want to avoid professional license sanctions. It is important to understand what specific rules you must follow as a professional licensee in the state of California. Each California professional licensing boards’ rules and regulations for licensees can be found online. If you have specific questions about your situation, then call us at The S.J. Harris Law Office so we can help!

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