What do I do if an Accustion is Filed Against my License?

If you receive an Accusation from your licensing Board or Agency, you have been charged with violating the rules and regulations governing your license. You may have a conviction which the licensing agency believes is substantially related to the practice of your profession; you may have failed to notify the licensing agency of some reportable event; or, you may have failed to practice your profession within professional standards. There are also many other violations with which one may be alleged to have committed.

In any case, if you receive an Accusation, and you want to defend yourself against the licensing agency, you MUST FILE A NOTICE OF DEFENSE. Read the documentation which is sent to you carefully, and send the Notice of Defense to the person or place they indicate on the documentation sent with the Accusation. You have a VERY SHORT AMOUNT OF TIME to file a Notice of Defense. And, while the licensing agency may offer you the opportunity to reach a stipulated settlement, you will still want to file a Notice of Defense.

Failure to file a Notice of Defense may lead to what is known as a Default Decision and Order, and the outright revocation of your license, if not other discipline. As a result, you should immediately consult an attorney and file your Notice of Defense. And, you should be aware that filing your Notice of Defense does not require an attorney. Most importantly, secure your right to defend yourself!

(This information is applicable to licensees within the State of California Only; and, you should always consult an attorney, and/or, review the law on your own.)


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This blog is meant to be informational. It is not meant to be all-encompassing legal advice. If you are facing a situation involving your professional license, seek counsel from a licensed attorney.

Author : S J Harris