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Your License. Your Reputation. Your Future.

S J Harris Law and attorney Scott J. Harris, Esq., are dedicated to representing and defending licensed professionals and businesses throughout the state of California.

Our firm provides strong, effective professional license defense to a vast myriad of professionals throughout California. We have successfully represented a wide range of professionals, including:

Whether a doctor or nurse, real estate agent and insurance broker, dentist or physical therapist, professionals spend years in school and have invested tremendous time and resources to gain their license to practice their professions. Investigations and formal disciplinary actions by state licensing boards and agencies put your license on the line, and place your professional reputation and your livelihood at stake.

We protect clients during every stage of the professional license defense process. We represent professionals whose licenses are at risk due to a criminal conviction or substance abuse problems, as well as those who are alleged to have violated a standard of care or trade standard within their profession, which is also referred to as gross negligence or incompetence.

At S J Harris Law, We Believe Everyone Deserves A Second Chance

If you are being investigated by a licensing board, or you are facing an Accusation or Statement of Issues filed by a licensing agency, you need an experienced lawyer who understands professional license law. At S J Harris Law, we have an intimate understanding of the laws that govern your practice in the state of California.

As a former Deputy Attorney General and licensing board prosecutor, attorney Scott J. Harris prosecuted hundreds of cases involving licensing, licensure discipline and license denials. He understands how licensing agencies are structured and how disciplinary investigations, formal actions through Accusations and Statement of Issues, administrative hearings and administrative appeals function. This experience gives clients an added confidence they need to successfully defend themselves during disciplinary hearings and to protect their professional licenses and careers.

Committed. Compassionate. Personally Tailored.

At S J Harris Law our No. 1 goal is to protect your license. We understand the emotional and financial toll Accusations and investigations take on our clients. We do everything in our power to protect your license and minimize the negative impact professional licensing board investigations and disciplinary actions have on your life.

No two cases are the same and no two legal responses are identical. At S J Harris Law, we specifically tailor our legal strategy to fit the needs of each client.

Don't let one mistake destroy your career. Contact California professional license defense attorney Scott J. Harris at 323-302-4024 or 877-865-6218 for a free 30-minute consultation from our Los Angeles office.